Postponed VAT accounting

From the 1st January as a result of leaving the EU there will be a new process for reporting the VAT on imported goods from the EU. Rather than pay VAT as you take delivery (Dockside) of the goods you will postpone the payment until you resell the goods. If the goods are for your use within the business then you will not need to hand over any VAT due on them.

The following link is to the HMRC webpage detailing the changes:

However, once you have the figures to hand you will need to post these into the ACPlus accounting system.

This will be via a nominal journal. Example here shows via the Enterprise system. The VAT is £12,000 with a goods value of £60,000. If you are posting the goods element via the supplier’s invoice then you must not post the goods within the journal otherwise you will be accounting for it twice within the VAT return. S in this examle leave out the £60,000 value of goods in the VAT area witnin the journal.

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