Our Mobile App

The mobile companion app for our Enterprise solution - like the Enterprise solution it focuses on CRM at its heart and brings forward many of the enterprise features into a user friendly mobile package - keeping your employees connected whilst on the move. Currently available for Android phones and tablets on the Google Play Store.


Featuring mobile SMS jobs, allowing you to send jobs to your employees out in the field in real time - providing them with the data they need to get the job done. Includes features such as navigation to the job address, tracking of the device and a diary system allowing them to record a full history of the job from start to finish.


Features a full customer dashboard giving your employees tools that are vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers - allows them to see customer information in realtime, view previous orders, repeat orders, and take orders in realtime either from scratch or using an order template.


One of the key features of our mobile app is its flexibility, we have a range of clients currently using the app - from heavy industry to wholesale food companies. The apps comprehensive set of features means that whether you need to keep track of employees out on the job, or need to monitor the progress of your sales staff - we've got it covered.


The app also carries forward many of the CRM features from our enterprise software providing, your employees with the tools they need to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers, as mentioned before - the customer dashboard is essential in this, allowing the operator to see the top products for a customer as well as previous orders.


Amongst all this the app also features many of the stock facilities from the enterprise system, including stock enquiries, pricing schemes, locations, images and more. The stock facilities are essential in giving your employees the information they need to do their job efficiently.


Amongst all of these features one of the most important is the seamless integration with the back office software, allowing you to monitor your employees progress in realtime and to skip the re-entry of data, improving efficiency and saving you time.