Our ACPlus Enterprise Solution

Developed to replace our VB6 ACPlus system, ACPlus Enterprise offers a phenomenal improvement on our old system. Built around MS SQL and written in Visual Basic .NET 4.0, ACPlus Enterprise represents a new generation of software, designed with the ability to seamlessly integrate with the latest technical innovations including cloud based storage such as Microsoft Azure and mobile applications such as our own ACPlus mobile app. Now also HMRC VAT MTD recognised and able to submit your VAT returns online.

  • Datamail CRM

Sales Order Processing System (SOPS)

Our Sales Order Processing System (SOPS) is a fully featured sales order and quotation management system. With features including stock search, customer specific pricing and pricing schemes. When paired with the ACPlus Mobile app SOPS will help you to keep on top of your customers data, including buying habits, top products, lost sales and outstanding invoices whilst on the move. Not only this, it will provide the operator with essential information such as sales targets and a company dashboard - allowing them to remain connected and up to date whilst on the move.

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CRM - Datamail

CRM is at the heart of any business. Datamail collates all relevant information about your customers and prospects in one place. From here you can see a customers sales, diary calls, comunications, notes, top products, last orders, pricing, email addresses, financial details and more. A snapshot Company Dashboard provides the operator with the latest information about their customers at their fingertips all in one place. Not only this, datamail also allows the operator access to vital day to day company functions including: scheduling calls, dialing the phone and sending e-mails.

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Stock Control

Stock control is pivotal in any retail or B2B business involved in supplying products - our systems wide range of features aims to keep your business ahead of the competition. Our system is multi locational and sports many features including: wireless barcode scanning, usage by date range and re-order levels, advance pricing / pricing schemes, quantity pricing and special pricing, e-commerce integration, multiple ownership of stock, manufacturers and suppliers, serial numbers, FIFO and EPOS integration amongst many more. The system is in use by many of our clients in a wide variety of situations, from heavy industry to general retail.

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Accounts System

Take control of your companies finances with our tried and tested accounting system, offering all of the standard accounting features including: maintenance of accounts, ledgers, journals and transactions. On top of this it also offers a wide range of reports to help keep track of your finances. Our accounting software can be run either as a stand-alone system or integrated with the rest of our software to provide an integrated and smooth experience. Now HMRC MTD VAT recognised ACPlus can now be used to submit your VAT returns online.

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Purchase Order Processing System (POPS)

Our Purchase Order Processing System (POPS) is the sister system to SOPS - providing a fully featured purchase order processing and management solution offering: orders and quotations, emailing of all documents, multiple e-mail addresses, suggested automatic orders to meet demand, orders for specific campaigns, multiple suppliers and pricing schemes and more.

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Mobile App

Our ACPlus Mobile App allows you to upload and download to mobile devices using the Internet, offering seamless integration with the back office software - allowing your sales and engineering staff to use these functions on the move. ACPlus Mobile offers: full CRM functionality, order taking, stock checking, pricing schemes, diary, sales calls, navigation and tracking, jobs, SMS Text messaging, a customer dashboard and more.

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Demonstrations & More

If you have any other enquiries about our ACPlus enterprise software or would like to see a demonstration don't hesitate to give us a call on 01206 299 661 or send us an e-mail at sales@acplus.co.uk