Our EPOS Solutions

ACPlus EPOS is a fully comprehensive EPOS system designed to integrate with our enterprise software including Accounts, Stock and Datamail as well as the option to integrate with other accounting solutions. Representing over 10 years of development you can be sure that our EPOS software will fulfill all of your businesses EPOS needs, including both hospitality and general retail versions. Download the PDF brochure

  • Aures Yuno Till Terminal


Our user interface is fluid and easy to learn, with shortcuts on the main screen for frequently sold items saving your sales assistants valuable time and allowing new employees to catch on quickly . The system also fully supports both cabled and wireless barcode scanners allowing freedom of movement away from the till.


The system is fully functional using both the latest touch screen terminals and regular work stations. Offering a simple to use touch screen friendly display, choosing a touch screen enabled computer will give the user a comprehensive set of features with the simplicity of a touch friendly interface, improving efficiency and usability.


EPOS features a number of reports to help you keep track of your tills and finances, our ‘End Of Day’ print shows a per-till breakdown of sales totals, VAT, nominal, discounts and price changes, refunds and part-exchanges, whilst other reports allow the tracking and analysis of sales assistants and items sold, allowing you to see which items are the most profitable for your business and keep you informed.


Not only is the user interface easy to learn, the main EPOS screen features shortcuts for frequently sold items and categories which are totally customisable allowing you to cater the screen to your needs. Along with this, both regular receipts and VAT receipts are also totally customisable – allowing you to tailor the receipts to your business.


ACPlus EPOS offers a wide range of advanced stock facilities including quantity pricing, multi-buy discounts and account/group discounts and pricing. With our system stock searching is quick and easy with the ability to do mid-sale stock enquiries displaying stock levels, pricing and special offers to do with that item – all with the ability to integrate with our existing stock system.


Our system also has a number of other features, including: layaways which allow the operator to set aside partly completed sales to be resumed later, ‘UFTs’ – unfinished transactions are also supported allowing stock to be allocated and payment to be taken in installments at a later date, a receipt-reprint system allowing any receipts to be re-printed at any time, making finding lost receipts easy and more.


We are please to announce we have completed HTA integration so that you can, using ACPlus Epos, sell and redeem HTA (Horticulture Trade Association) gift cards. This is an option that once you are registered with HTA and are using ACPlus Epos. ACPlus Epos performs real time checks and sales linked to the HTA system. The benefits are increased customers and sales from gift cards.

Demonstrations & More

If you have any other enquiries about our ACPlus EPOS software or would like to see a demonstration don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01206 299 661 or send us an e-mail at sales@acplus.co.uk