Our Purchase Order Processing (POPS) System

Our Purchase Order Processing System (POPS) is the sister system to SOPS - providing a fully featured purchase order processing and management solution offering dozens of features including pricing schemes for both customer and supplier, automatic invoicing, suggested re-order levels and more.

The main purchase orders screen allows you to read and edit all of the details of a purchase order, as well as produce invoices and link to our SOPS program.

This screen shows a list of all of the purchase orders on the system, providing search functionality to help find the order more quickly - once an order is found clicking on it will open the main purchase orders screen.

This screen allows configuration of auto ordering, allowing the system to automatically create purchase orders dependent on a number of criteria - such as stock levels and SOPS order fulfilment.

The multiple invoice screen allows you to create multiple invoices in one run, saving time and effort.

The reports screen gives you a wide variety of reports to choose from to help keep you updated with your purchase orders.