Our Accounts System

Our Accounts system is a comprehensive accounting system, featuring the standard features you'd expect from an accounting system such as periodised accounting, foreign accounts, factors, standing orders, invoices, credits, VAT control, journals, cash book posting, bank reconciliation, asset register and more.

The accounts ledger screen gives you access to all of the information you need to know about a particular account, including recent activity, credit limits, discounts and more.

The nominal ledger screen gives you access to all of the information about a particular nominal code, including a transaction history and a monthly turnover / budget.

The journals screen allows you to correct any mistakes made in the accounting software, and provides a full audit of any previous changes that have been made.

The profitability screen gives you access to profitability reports and allows you to customise a wide range of criteria as to what the report contains.

The VAT register screen allows you to see what VAT has been calculated by financial period.

The bank reconciliation screen provides an easy to use interface to allow you to reconcile the finances according to your accounts with the finances according to the bank account.