Covid-19 and our approach to business resilience and support

We have, in view of the risks with the current situation, decide to split our workforce into three teams in addition to the office.

Members of staff will work from their respective homes and take steps to ensure their isolation from unnecessary risks.

Whilst we would expect individually to succumb at some point to the infection we hope we can stagger the impact so that we are in a position to continue support for our customers without interruption.
We are continuing all ongoing development as per plans with respective customers and hopefully this current situation will have as little impact as possible.
We also routinely undertake UK based cloud backups for all our systems and source code and have also proven our ability to work individually as well as centrally over the past year.
If you need to contact us then I would suggest in the first instance, unless it is urgent, to do so by email to the person you would normally contact.
We hope this reassures our customers and users. If you have any concerns then please do not hesitate to email me personally.

Grant Goulding, director

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