Some Examples of our Bespoke Software

Over the past two decades we have created bespoke and tailored software solutions for many small to medium sized businesses. Some of our projects have involved unique stock control, mass marketing systems, CRM, automated invoicing, manufacturing systems and more. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • ACPlus Enterprise Mobile App

Cosmetics by Jarvis

Peter Jarvis Cosmetics came to us looking to improve efficiency and performance at their warehousing facility in Ipswich. We designed a system which utilised two remote wireless Picco data collection terminals - locating stock by scanning barcodes. The system was able to keep track of all of the stock in the warehouse as well as produce reports including packing and label lists. We have since provided them with inventory control, certification and production control system.

AUTOFIT, Dave Chapman and Richard Pipe Engineering Ltd

Autofit wanted us to re-design and re-engineer an EPOS system they had installed over 15 years ago. In doing so we incorporated many new features including SMS messaging the customer to remind them of appointments and the ability to interrogate the vehicle database for more detailed information mid-sale.


New and Used Ltd came to us to wanting to design and build an EPOS solution that would allow buying and selling of both new and secondhand stock. Operating under the FCA and including features such as pawn broking and buybacks, the system allows for multiple branches and a head office - providing a full audit for any sales made at any of the branches.


Anglia Grain Services specification was clear - they wanted us to replace their ageing and quirky CRM and invoice system with a new SQL based solution that would operate at three of its branches with full security measures and control, the resulting software fulfilled these needs on a reliable SQL platform that is still operating reliably today.

Epos solutions for M W PARTRIDGE, Hadleigh in Suffolk

MW Partridge was in need of a system to fully integrate with their e-commerce website, updating the prices and stock quantities of products on the website as well as automatically pulling down any outstanding orders and processing them through our ACPlus accounts system to remove the need to manually put each order through the till.


A local client who owned a currency trading store came to us wanting to build a system which could manage currency trading at multiple branches and provide both head office functionality and a full audit for any trades put through the system. It was a tough job but we successfully met the specification on time and on budget.

Blinds Manufacturing system

Developed for Nantmor blinds in Clacton the AC Blinds system handles all pricing and manufacturing orders for their complete range of blinds. Roller, Venetian, Louvre, Pleated and blackout blinds. Plus with integration with Google calendar for appointments and import/export to excel for pricing file updates. Full invoicing and integration to their accounting system.

Other Services

We aren't limited to just the things mentioned above, don't hesitate to give us a call on 01206 299 661 or send us an e-mail at