ACBlinds is a software package designed to manage, sell and track the production and sale of made to order blinds. The system offers a wide range of different options to assist with a made to order business. ACBlinds works with a SQL database and doesn’t require an on premises server to work. This allows for you to host your data on a cloud platform. There is also the option to maintain multiple companies and uses user logins so that you can control employee access and audit users.

Diary Functions

The software makes use of a diary in which you can use to track day to day tasks, manage your staff, keep track of appointments, track follow ups and check reminders. You have the ability to view by day, week and month. Managing appointments is made easy as you can filter who’s appointments you view and adding appointments is as simple as double clicking on a slot to book. Various admin tasks are available here such as reminder management and printing schedules. Reminders can be filtered to show specific timings, for example, pre-appointment or post appointment.

Appointments List

The appointment list function allows for easy maintenance of the diary appointments. Easily manage your staff agendas and find specific appointments you may want to amend, change or remove. You can also look for deleted appointments or search by Customer and Order ID making getting to the data you need very quick and easy when potentially dealing with a customer on the phone.


A key part of the system is quotations. The system allows for a quotation to be quickly generated. Quotes can be attached to customers, notes can be added and admin tasks such as follow up notes, risk assessments and different addresses can easily be added or amended. The quotes windows allows for a quick glance at costs and prices allowing for time saved when on the phone. 

Sales and Purchase Orders

As an integral part of the system, Sales and Purchase orders can be created, processed and printed with ease. Sales orders can be easily created from scratch or created from quotes. You can easily track the status of orders and follow up on completed works. Similarly, purchase orders allow for easy purchase of stock and materials. Tracking receipt or cancellation. 


Invoicing is made incredibly simple with the ACBlinds system. The invoice run allows for all completed orders to be invoiced either via email or printed off. The invoice run will produce a complete list in which the user can tick to invoice against the jobs they want to process. You can choose a custom email message template before sending and can filter down to only send via account code. The order can also be broken down into lines to help the user find a specific order or item they are invoicing.

General Admin

The system makes general admin easy. This includes order lists where you can see all works either outgoing, completed or quoted. There is also the ability to create and maintain a customer database in which you can assign individual customers an account code. The customer database gives choices for preferred contact details, addresses and appointments. Reporting is simplified but effective allowing the user to print various labels and lists, admin documents such as order documents and appointments and analysis reports to keep track of the business.