Our Support Contracts

We aim to offer you peace of mind, offering support for both our bespoke systems and other Microsoft Office software - with a dedicated, prompt and local telephone support line and a call-out team whenever it is needed, you can rest easy knowing that in the unfortunate event something does go wrong we are there to help.


Our software support contracts are based mainly on our standard and bespoke systems - as well as support for other Microsoft Office applications. We make every effort to ensure that your software is 100% reliable but this isn't always possible, whether it's due to unforseen circumstances or day to day wear and tear - we will be on hand to fix the problem promptly to get your business back online.


Are you in need of regular maintenance or installation of hardware? Arranging a hardware support contract with us will cut the hassle of trying to arrange large scale maintenance yourself - we will be on hand to install any peripherals or machines that you may need - as well as to offer continuing support for this hardware well after it has been installed. Please contact us and we can build a tailor made contract that works for you.


Along with regular software support we also offer network support, to ensure that your company stays online. We deal not only with the internet but also in server-based peripherals such as printers, file sharing and more. We offer installation and continued support for these items to ensure that your company always stays connected.

To arrange a contract

If you would like to arrange a support contract please give us a call on 01206 299 661 or send us an e-mail at sales@acplus.co.uk