What is Middle-ware?

Simply put middle-ware is a software component which provides services to integrate disparate systems together.

Middleweight started becoming popular in the 80s as a solution for enabling newer applications to work on older systems and is often referred to as ‘software glue’, since it helps ‘glue’ together different software so they can work together.

Businesses today rely a lot on network applications which involve enterprise and database systems.

These network applications are required to perform many different functions, such as updating orders, messaging customers, allowing customers to track shipments etc.

All of these functions require real time transfer of data between different devices.

Middle-ware steps in to provide unified means for all of these systems to interact with each other.

If your company relies a lot on data, then you might consider implementing middle-ware so that you can integrate the data across various applications and systems.

Integration makes the flow of data across various applications a lot easier and allows your company to focus their attention on other important areas of your business since you no longer have to spend time on manual processes.

Some benefits of using middle-ware include

  • Information management
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved agility

AC Plus completed work for Harwich Haven Authority allowing applications to work harmoniously together creating a sleek system.


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