Cloud Back up

If running regular backups is important for home users, it’s essential in business: losing even a small fraction of your most important data, for a brief period of time, could still be a real disaster in 2024 especially with all the troubles around.

You could try to protect yourself by copying files to local drives, but that takes time and effort. It also leaves you vulnerable to fire, theft and hardware failure, which is why automatically uploading your files to a cloud backup service is often a better idea.

Cloud Back up is used as an offsite back up application which copies data and stores it in an offsite storage system so it isn’t just stored to your hard drive. If you leave your laptop in a coffee shop or in a taxi , having Cloud back up ensures you do not lose all of your data and allows for easy access in need of a recovery situation.

There are a variety of available services that can be use to fit a Business’ existing Data Protection process. Some companies have specific needs to meet relating to Data Protection. If a company has a specific regulation such as GDPR the service provider needs to be registered as compliant in that regulation. Whilst the offsite firm provides the back up , The customer is still responsible for the data and could incur steep fines as a consequence.

The cloud back up system is usually maintained by a third party provider, Most cloud subscriptions are run on a monthly or yearly basis. These services are mainly used by small to medium sized businesses.

Pro’ and Con’s of Cloud Back up


  • Generally it is cheaper to use a cloud back up service provider compared to building and maintaining an in house back up system.
  • As business data grows it can still be easily backed up to a cloud back up service and as data grows , data maintenance costs could also escalate.
  • Back ups are generally more secure against attacks because they are held outside of the office network.


  • With any cloud back up system, data is moved offsite and is in control of an outside provider, Therefore it is crucial to research as much about the cloud back up providers equiptment and procedures as possible.
  • Cloud costs can grow when backing up larger amounts of data.



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