Epos, Inventory control and diary system for USAF AutoHobby and Arts & Crafts retail installations

ACPlus EPOS DNA is an EPOS system designed specifically for the US Air Force for use throughout their various sites and bases for working in a workshop environment. With versatility in mind, EPOS DNA makes it possible for processing sales of work, taking payment via cash, cheque, credit and debit card, gift card or to an account to be invoiced later.


EPOS DNA is user friendly and allows for customization so you can get to the items you sell regularly, quicker. All receipts can be stored for later reprint and allows for easy printing of various documents. With speed in mind, all workshop day to day tasks such as booking, invoicing and ordering are only a few clicks away. EPOS DNA is light enough to run on any Windows based POS system and has no special requirements.  The system is also designed to work with multiple payment methods, making transactions a smooth and quick process.


The system is designed with running a workshop in mind. This allows the user to create, edit and delete jobs, print orders or merge them into one job for printing, mark appointments as a no-show or late and most importantly, process the appointment as a sale. As well as this, you are also able to maintain customers, vehicles and control the pricing scheme of your workshop. All of this can be tailored to suit your individual business and work shop needs. For more information on this please email us.


You can easily keep on top of your business with the built in reporting. This allows for the user to print of various reports such as scheduled works, cancellations and equipment lists. Reports can be tailored to your business and show as much or little details as required. The system is also designed to track and report absence, weekly and monthly time sheets and can be easily combined with our payroll system.


There are a wide range of reports to help get an overview of the workshop. These include but are not limited to mechanic hours analysis, towing, training reports and much more. Reports are all printable and can be emailed as a PDF. reports are easily tailored to meet your business needs and we are able to mask or add any information you require to be reported. If the system tracks it, it can be reported.


When running a workshop, keeping on top of jobs is essential. EPOS DNA retains a list of all vehicles booked in as well as a history of work carried out on each vehicle. Easily recall when a vehicle was last worked, work carried out and by who. Track parts, tools and see which bay was used.  All of this information is stored and allows for a history of a vehicle seen to be built. Maintaining customers and their vehicles is made easy.  The system allows for maintain different work bays, allowing you to assign a vehicle to a bay, view the bay history or track bay use.

Demonstrations & More

If you have any other enquiries about our ACPlus EPOS DNA software or would like to see a demonstration don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01206 299 661 or send us an e-mail at sales@acplus.co.uk