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Check back here often to see the latest about ACPlus, including new software developments and updates.

October 2017

ACPlus Epos for Garden Centres now has HTA integration for their Gift Card sales and payments. Live in Perrywood Garden Centre in time of the Chistmas rush.

September 2017

ACPlus Goldrush installed in another two outlets. Goldrush epos deals with Stock, Sales, Buybacks, 28 day, Pawn broking, Currency Exchange and Loans.

June 10th 2017

ACplus Dynamic Stock locations now released into Springvale Foods. Stock is put away where there is room and the pick process is now fully automated.

April 12th 2017

Do you use the cloud to backup or keep it local? There are different opinions as to which one is best. We can offer to help guide you in this maze of technical jargon.

April 6th 2017

Are you keeping an audit of your backups? Do you use incremental or simply overwrite the last one? Do you rotate your backup device or use cloud? The Crypto Virus renders all files it finds as usesless with no escape. Are you protected or do you just think you are?

March 2017

Iconisys Agent system about to launch. The agent commission and order tracking system enables agent based sales operations to keep track of their sales and rewards. Full order traceability, commission tracking, expected cash flows and sales targets are among the many features.

March 2017

ACPlus Payroll updates available end of March 2017.

January 2017

ACPlus Epos and Stock system installed into the Farm Cafe at Woodbridge. Farm Cafe

November 2016

Remote Jobs and messaging app now available on Android plus additional CRM functions added.

September 2016

Extended Features on ACPlus Epos released. Emailing of customer receipts and CRM functions

1st July 2016

Richard Pipe engineering install ACPlus Garage Booking system

1st June 2016

USAF Lakenheath go live with the new ACPlus Epos, ACPlus Enterprise CRM and Garage Booking system for thier Arts Craft Center, AutoHobby Center and Tire and Lube Center

25th March 2016

ACPlus payroll guide now available in downloads section of website detailing guidance on changes made by HMRC this year and how to handle these changes from within the payroll program.

23rd March 2016

ACPlus payroll updates available from Mid March 2016. Changes this year to taxable benefits paid through payroll instead of altering Tax Codes.

September 2015

USAF Lakenheath TLC, Hobby, Auto Hobby and Woodshop place order for a bespoke EPOS, CRM and Stock system.

April 2015

Pegasus Profiles Ltd place an order for a Quotation/Ordering/CRM system to handle their specialised manufacturing process.

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